What it's all about


Gypo Logging has evolved into a game that takes into consideration the impact of markets,environmental and cultural issues on the industry and the individual worker.


It also seeks to teach and share knowledge about an industry and its workers in crisis - and you can all have fun sharing or reveling in the misery whether it’s an oil spill that causes everyone to have to pay for the clean up or getting a Mini Dire card and some other player gets to gain from your loss. That’s the way it works in the real world and that’s how it works on the board….and this game isn't just for loggers -watch out for the female players, they learn fast and win hard. Oh, and by the way, we don’t go in for anything politically correct - it don’t apply in the bush.


How it came to be:


Trevor Bergstrom is the maker of this game with his designer sister Heidi. One night Trev, who has worked in the logging industry since he was old enough to hold a chain saw, was sittin’ around and doodled this game out on an 81/2 x 11 inch piece of paper.


Why? Because he was mad - in both senses of the word. OK, and as well, he was slightly inebriated. “Jesus f, we can’t win here” he thought, “the road washed out, the pulp market was crazy, the bloody protesters are putting shit on the seats of the truck drivers…" basically, he didn’t make this game because he was happy, he had issues to work out…..


One thing led to another, 4 years and several work parties later in various motels, from the Nanaimo Best Western, Parksville and even the Empress Hotel in Victoria (and lotsa Lucky beers later), the Gypo Logging Game was born.




Trevor Bergstrom has worked in the bush since he was 18 years old. He has worked for Weldwood and then Intefor for the past 26 years and has recently been severed from that fine corporation due to their passion for 'right sizing' along with countless others. Since 1995 his main occupation has been to develop safety and forest practices code training, auditing and ISO and SFI certifications for Interfor. During the massive interior fires of 2003 in Vaseux and Falkland, BC Trevor was Safety Officer responsible for coordinating all aspects of firefighter safety.


Heidi Bergstrom has never worked in the bush - except 'after work' when more trees were felled around the dinner table (where they got bigger and more dangerous!). Heidi works as a graphic designer and video producer and has been the design part of this brother/sister team. To see more of her work you can visit her personal website.

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