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January 2009



Hi Trevor,

I live in Sandspit and work for Teal Jones, and my man-friend and I just finished our first game of gypo logging and we loved it! I won, he quickly found out that he who has the most toys does not necessarily win! We look forward to our next matchup, this time with Lucky!

Thanks so much to you for coming up with a thoroughly entertaining game.



Sandspit, BC



Hello Trevor,

Thanks for a great board game! Our 3 sons, ages 15, 13 and 11 played it for hours during the Christmas holidays. In fact, we had to give them the 3 hour time limit. Where can I purchase more games?





Hi Trevor,

Hope you had a great Christmas too. The game did indeed arrive on the 23rd. I’ve already played it a bunch of times and love it! You’ve made a great game, Trevor, I truly think every logger out there would enjoy playing this. I get a real kick out of the spaces and cards, especially the “Act of God....or Major Licensee”. How true!!!! You have to market this and get it out there. It really is a great game and tribute to the logging industry that we know and love (and hate sometimes!). Talk to you later, Trevor, have a good weekend.


Sibola Mountain Falling Ltd



Hi Trevor,

.... Your game was a great hit with our charity auction and I have had several people inquire as to where to buy copies as recently as today. I sent my boss, right to your home phone before looking things up on the web page for local retail locations. Hopefully sales will be good over the holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas Trev and play safe.




I just wanted to let you know that I was VERY impressed with the Gypo logging board game. After playing this game twice with my family, I would now have to rank it as my favorite game (above Rail Baron). The game was one of the easiest games to learn. My 10 and 8 year old daughters even took to it fast. A salute you for making a great game. I wish you success in your business and I hope that the Gypo Logging board game will become popular here in the States. I'll be sure to pass the word.

Regards, John

Russellville, Arkansas



Hi Trev

Hope your trip is going well and the weather is nice. I received the game yesterday. We are looking forward to playing it. Thanks for the great customer service by checking up on the shipment. Thanks again.

Ed and Linda

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